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Sweetsong Shorthairs
3700 County Road 4 SE
Atwater, Minnesota 56209
(320) 974-3148
Puppy Purchase Agreement:

Buyer ____________________ Date____/____/____Seller: Sweetsong Shorthairs
Address _______________________________Ph. # ____________________
Puppy: Male / Female.
____________________________, Dam: ______________________________
Date of birth:
______________________     Markings: ________________________
AKC Litter Number:
_________________, FDSB Litter Number: ________________
Purchase price: _______________

All puppies will be born into a healthy, warm environment. Puppies will have tails docked and dew claws removed within 48 hours of birth and receive puppy shots at 5 & 7 weeks of age. All puppies will be wormed at 5 & 7 week of age. All puppies will be fully weaned and eating dry puppy food by seven weeks of age. A vaccination and deworming program developed by a certified Veterinarian must be continued and documented by the buyer. Puppies will not be sold with any health problems known by seller. Puppies must be examined within 48 hours of purchase for guarantees to apply. Any problems at this time must be reported to seller immediately.
Seller guarantees: Puppy described above to be healthy at time of sale and free of genetic defects, until 30 months of age. If the puppy described above ever displays any genetic defects buyer agrees to notify Sweetsong Shorthairs within 48 hours. Registration papers must be promptly mailed back to seller.
Seller may reserve the right: In fulfilling the guarantee to replace puppy described above, with puppy of like breeding or refund of purchase price listed above upon the return of above puppy. Shipping will be at the expense of the buyer. This agreement only applies to buyer above and does not transfer with ownership. Seller has the right to transfer this agreement to new owner. A new agreement must be signed by seller above and new owner.
Return policy: All guarantees stated above and below only apply to the buyer listed above and for the puppy listed above. The puppy stated above must maintain a current health certificate, and vaccination record signed by a certified Veterinarian and approved by seller. The puppy stated above must have good body condition and evaluated as not gun shy, bird shy or timid by the seller. All registration papers must be current and signed when returned.  If at some point during the life of this puppy you are unable to provide a good home for the puppy the buyer agrees to notify Sweetsong Shorthairs so they can try to find a new home for the above puppy.
Puppies will be registered by the seller: American Kennel Club & American Field Stud Book
Seller will issue a $100.00 check to buyer for the following titles if dog above is registered as Sweetsong Shorthairs
NAVHDA          AKC Hunt Test          AKC Field Trials          NSTRA
Prize 1 Utility       Master Hunter                 AFC or FC                  Champion

I have read & understand that this agreement is to protect the Seller, Buyer, and Sweetsong Shorthaired Pointers.

Buyer __________________________________Date_______/_______/_______

Seller __________________________________Date ______/________/_______