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Class Bird Dogs For Your Hunting and Field Trial Pleasure!

Because the puppies at Sweetsong Kennels are of such high quality, there is only one litter raised every two year. Deposits are accepted in advance and will hold your place in the selection process. Please contact Terry on upcoming litters.

From the time the pups are born, they are not treated as "kennel dogs". They are kept in the house as important members of the family, where as they are growing they learn house manners as well as basic obedience commands. 
When pups are 2-3 days old, they take their first trip to the vet for tail docking, dewclaw removal, weight recording and overall checkups. Back home pups stay with their mama where she keeps busy cleaning her babies, keeping them warm, and nursing.

Starting at 2 weeks of age, we begins handling and cuddling the pups to begin their socialization with humans. 

At approximately 4 weeks old the pups will get introduced to softened puppy food to begin the weaning process.   A blank gun is shot at a great distance from the pups as they are being nursed from their mom. This technique is non-stressful to the pups and has brought excellent results in raising well-rounded dogs adapting to new environments, situations and sounds. 

At about 5 weeks of age, the puppies naturally "play" at retrieving objects, proudly walking around with small bird wings in their mouth. The blank gun is still being shot on a daily basis gradually moving closer to them. Puppies are introduced to pheasant feathers on the end of a fishing pole and/or live quail. Some puppies at 5 weeks old are already sight pointing.

At 6 weeks old the pups make another trip to the veterinarian for their first vaccinations. A licensed vet examines each pup. Pups will also be de-wormed at this time. By now the puppies have been totally weaned from mamma and are fed puppy food.  At this stage we also introduces pups to water (weather permitting). 

Between 7-8 weeks of age pups are going to their new homes. 
Sweetsong Shorthairs breeds to Improve, Preserve and Enhance the characteristics that make the German Shorthaired Pointer so unique.
Please keep in touch with letters, phone calls and photos for our keepsake album.

Puppy Purchase Agreement

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