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Gizmo - 9/29/90 - 11/28/99

Bryer -6/1/93 - 10/5/06

Super Max

Maggie Mae

Annie Mae

Oakridge Rawhides Gizmo

Gizmo is a son of 3 x National Field Champion Rawhide's Clown.  Gizmo's pedigree is outstanding, highlighted by the most dominant shorthairs in recent history.  Born: Sept. 29, 1990
Died: Nov. 28, 1999  Gizmo has gone over the Rainbow Bridge and we will miss him dearly!

Sweetsong's Super Max

Max is from our most resent litter AFC PJ's Wildfire Super sport x HMK Sweetsong's Annie Mae. Max will be running in derby this spring and working on his AFC this fall.
Died: June. 12, 2005  Max has gone over the Rainbow Bridge and we will miss him dearly!

HMK Sweetsong's Annie Mae

Annie is out of National Field Champion HMK's Dandi Runaway Rusty and Triple T's Magnum Force.  Rusty is a direct son of Hall of Fame FC Dixieland's Rusty.  Annie has numerous puppy and derby placements.  She has earned her puppy and derby points twards both FC and AFC with the AKC and American Field. 

Sweetsong's Maggie Mae MH

Maggie is from one of our litters and has been a pleasure to raise and train.  She started her field career in the AKC hunt test program and sailed through the Juniors in 4 and Seniors in 4, scoring high in all categories tested.  Maggie also has puppy and derby points in AKC trials, winning her last derby trial in 1997.  She will be working towards her champion points as a gun dog this summer. Finished her AKC Master Hunter in 1999.

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